ERWIA and Stream Teams Unite for Riparian Tree Plantings on Indian Creek & Little Sugar Creek

The ERWIA and Missouri Stream Teams celebrated National AmeriCorps Week on May 8th with tree planning at the Lanagan City Park. Four Stream Teams, organized by AmeriCorps Stream Team Assistant Rosiland Layne, planted 75 trees along Indian Creek at the Park to replace trees lost to recent flooding. Stream Teams included Trinity Learning Center, Jim Miller, Regina Clark family, and Alvin Layne family for a total of 18 volunteers. ERWIA provided refreshments and gifts. Missouri Department of Conservation provided the trees and additional Stream Team gifts. . . . and on Little Sugar Creek, in another tree planting event on a chilly day in mid-March, Mr. Holder's Environmental club, Stream Team 1351, along with other volunteers made quick work of planting 75 sycamores, river birches, and bald cypress on Troy Hamilton's stream bank and Alvin Layne's farm. While at the Layne's participants witnessed what those little seedlings will look like in five years where the Layne’s had previously started riparian corridor tree plantings. As the trees mature, they help protect streambanks by slowing down flood events to reduce erosion and improve habitat .