Stella Park's Demonstration Rain Garden Intalled

The ERWIA, along with many volunteers from the village of Stella installed the water quality demonstration project at the village park along south Indian Creek on April 18, 2009. The ERWIA water quality demonstration project’s design includes a bio-swale, rain garden and vegetative swale. Located between the parking lot and Indian Creek, these features will help to slow down and allow natural treatment of storm water runoff from the parking lot before it enters the Indian Creek. Thanks to Ronda Headland, urban conservationist, Mo. Dept. of Conservation, for her assistance in moving this project from along. Ronda met with ERWIA and Stella community members explaining benefits of rain gardens and native plantings, preparing conceptual sketches and a final design, located suppliers for the trees, shrubs and other native plants and coordinated volunteers during installation. Thank you to all who participated. The ERWIA is pleased to be part of Stella’s Master Plan for Sustainability