The Multi-Basin Regional Water Council (MBRWC) - Winter 2008

The ERWIA has been participating in the formation of another new organization known as the Multi-Basin Regional Watershed Council. The Council is comprised of water related agencies and organizations in the four-state region. The Council is a not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to: 1) Educate its members and the public on environmental issues as they connect to water quality, water availability, water conservation, and, watershed management; 2) Boost the capacity of member organizations to cooperate and to fulfill their own missions; and, 3) Sponsor open and frank discussions of appropriate action items to address multi-county and multi-state issues. Examples are:
  • Foster communication among agencies and nongovernmental organizations;
  • Encourage sharing of resources among groups;
  • Reduce redundancy in educational efforts;
  • Promote delivery of a consistent message;
  • Develop common action items to address priority issues as determined by the Council;
  • Help each other in securing funding for needed projects;
  • Provide factual data to policy makers regarding water/wastewater/watershed issues; and
  • Work towards favorable public attitudes and buy-in of the council membersí efforts.

Origin and Scope
MBRWC was the creation of a four-state Water Summit held in Bentonville, AR on November 9, 2007. The summit comprised representatives of over 25 water-related organizations. Its coverage area includes contiguous portions of Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, and Oklahoma and their interconnected watersheds. By-laws, programs, and leadership structure are being developed.. Education, Technical, and Organization Committees are active. The next meeting of the full Council will be May 16 at Bentonville, followed by a meeting on August 22 in Missouri.
Contact Information
Membership in the MBRWC is open to organizations that share in the Councilís purpose. More information is available by email from Jim Gately,
Online Summary
A tabular summary of participating organizations, their objectives, activities and contact information at the time of the summit is available online at here .