Water Resources Center's Initiatives Discussed at ERWIA quarterly membership meeting

At the ERWIA’s quarterly membership meeting November 18th guest speaker Ryan Mueller P.E. Director of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources' Water Resources Center provided an overview of the Center’s Initiatives including:
  • Defend Missouri’s water use interests
  • Monitor & assess statewide water conditions and availability
  • Collect and analyze water use data
  • Provide guidance during drought and flood response
  • Assist with water supply planning studies
  • Review permit applications and inspect regulated dams
  • Disseminate data to the public
Ryan also discussed Missouri's Water Planning Opportunities including:
  • Identifying supply needs and availability
  • Calculating future population growth and use trends
  • Helping define water supply strategies
The Center's Water Planning Opportunities include support of Tri-State Water Resources Coalition’s current efforts to identify long-term water supplies for the greater Joplin and southwest Missouri region. Finally, Ryan discussed Water Conservation and Efficiency. He noted that unfortunately “water conservation" has a negative reputation for being about sacrifice and hardship. Ryan identified the real and important issue being about reducing waste and using our finite water resources much more efficiently. Other observations made during this part of Ryan's presentation included:
  • Voluntary water conservation and efficiency measures are difficult in water rich regions, such as the Ozarks
  • Abundant and relatively pure water in the Ozarks historically means water resources are under-valued and under-priced
  • Establishing a strong “water efficiency ethic” takes much time to become firmly established
  • Water efficiency appears to follow efforts to improve more efficient use of energy efficiency