ERWIA's Girl Scout Patch Project

"The ERWIA's is proud of Girl Scout Troop 3531 in Jane which assisted our education committee with the design of an ERWIA patch. Members of the troop pictured here include Bethany, Ashley, Erin and Hanna B. (back row) and Mikala, Samantha and Hanna M. (front row). Thanks to each of you and your Scout leader Lenda Curry for your assistance!. These Girl Scouts would like to remind everyone of the personal responsibility we each have for water and watershed health with these 10 to do's:
  • DO alert others that the only water we have is what we have now
  • DO conserve water
  • DO prevent contamination
  • DO prevent soil erosion
  • DO pick up trash
  • DO recycle
  • DO limit pesticides and fertilizers
  • DO keep your animals away from streams
  • DO educate your family and friends
  • DO support your local watershed association"