ERWIA recognizes Amber Hofer with Environmental Stewardship Award

Amber Hofer wrote the following on 5/7/09:

I am part of the High School Recycling Club and I recycle whenever possible during school, and at home. I will pile up are recyclables and bring them to school when I have the chance. I go with the recycling club every time we have a stream team clean up day. The last time we went my partner and I found a car door. I hope to find more of the car in this coming trip. I have convinced some of my friends to join the recycling club and am currently trying to get them to come to the stream team clean up. I have narrowed down my shower time to 20 minutes and whenever I wash dishes I turn off the water in between rinsing them. I also turn of the water while brushing my teeth. We do our best to clean up the streams around our location during our stream clean up trips. We did extremely well the last time. We removed every thing in sight that did not naturally belong in the water.