History and Purpose

The ERWIA was initiated in the spring of 2003 in conjunction with the development of a Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. The ERWIA was established as a consensus-driven, community-based watershed planning entity for the entire basin. The ERWIA is addressing water quality impairments identified by the TMDL (excess nutrients), as well as, those issues identified by local stakeholders (erosion/sedimentation, fecal coliform, and urban/suburban stormwater runoff).


The ERWIA board of directors is intentionally composed of a broad mix of stakeholders representing many of the economic and environmental interests in the Elk River basin. The board is comprised of 11 people representing the following stakeholder groups:

  • Agricultural production (any income-producing farm) (2)
  • Business and Industry (including agricultural processing) (2)
  • Outdoor recreation and tourism (2)
  • Municipal and County government (2)
  • Citizen/residents (3)

Vision Statement

"Clean abundant water for you and your family now and in the future."

Mission Statement

"To improve, protect and conserve the waters of the Elk River watershed for the people who live, work, attend school, own property in or visit the watershed through educational and implementation activities that are based on sound scientific analysis and information."

Guiding Principles

  • Deal honestly and fairly in all our interactions and relationships.
  • Develop and work through a voluntary and inclusive organization where all can participate in a broad-based effort.
  • Make decisions and implement actions through a consensus-driven and balanced process.